Non commercial private property exempt

Here we discuss the right of free people to travel on the roads of the Free and Independent States of the Confederacy, The United States of America without restriction or the requirement to have a driver license.
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Non commercial private property exempt

Post by liberated » Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:37 pm

New Hampshire has introduced legislation that exempts private property from being registered. In the bill itself, it states that when government fails to answer it is silent deception and induced fraud..." Further, the courts have found that corporate public servants who ignore their accountability as mandated in Article 8, N.H. Bill of Rights have by their silence and failure to fully inform the sovereign people of the consequences arising from the corporate "offer to contract," is deemed silent deception and inducement by fraud.

While the current Bill may not have passed or may have passed, in either case is in para materia as the nexus to all drivers license emanates from District of Columbia.

If one looks deeper within Florida Statutes most anything claimed by a man/woman, people can be considered "Household Goods" and exempt, albeit Florida Statutes, as well as the others, are operating for the respective United States Franchise, however if one encounters the bulldozer effect of government or anyone ignoring TJ, their own statutes have the inhabitant's exemption covered.

The silver lining in the NH Bill is they put silent deception and induced fraud right out there. Certainly supports silent acquiescence as an agreement. Acquiescence by non response or silence is however a gray area in the law. Some court cases say while the party may have had a moral duty to respond it fails to establish a contract/agreement.

Some might say , what do those court cases have to do with anything since they are in another jurisdiction? However, regarding that other "kingdom", there might very well be one doing there best to demonstrate it (that other Kingdom) has no TJ. Also, that other "kingdom" might not see lack the of response as an agreement, leaving the challenger floating in a boat to get whatever the pirates do.

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Re: Non commercial private property exempt

Post by Logos » Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:50 pm

This well-known "grey zone" gimmick of remaining silent and failing to respond is why our N&D doc templates are designed to get the moving party into an estoppel by notifying them in advance that not only will they agree with us if they fail to "put up" within the time frame allotted, but furthermore that (a) we will put words into their mouth to this effect, (b) that we will go public with our agreement, and then (c) that by their own actions/inactions they will have to "shut up" as far as pursuing their alleged claim later.

Gov't and lawyers do this to people all the time, so what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Even they admit that equality under the law is paramount and mandatory, so this is us "Making America Great Again" by spreading some of that "equality" around. :)

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