Knowing how words and terms are defined and used is critical to comprehending the meaning of the various "laws" of United States and States of United States.
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Post by Geod Manson » Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:41 am

Is the surname, your name? Or just the families name?

"That designation which is assigned to property by the owner thereof. *Eric WhoRU?*

The birth date of the name/the person.

Are you asking for the birth date of the name?

The birth date of the name is the date of registration. Not the date ye mother unit bore/ejected ye from her uterus.

Is there another reason for the celebration of the “birth date”? Is “birth date” the way "good citizens" have always referenced the day they were born?

Not knowing that the actual birth date is the date the registration occurred, not the day ye were born. But is the date of birth of the name/person/franchise.

Registrars do not "register" babies/people.
If you know not the name of the thing, the thing itself is surly lost. If you know not your true correct lawful name, you are surly lost, assumed dead, salvaged by the private bankers and administrated into hell...
Salvaged: Rescue
(A wrecked or disabled ship or it's cargo)
from lost at sea
born into life and berthed into death, from creditor to debtor in a very short time.

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Re: Surename

Post by Logos » Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:26 am

I think the surname is the family's name but is also the connection to the estate the gov't created & manages. When one only gives them a Christian name, I think their inability to proceed is more than a records search problem. Perhaps w/o giving the surname one doesn't connect oneself to an estate, thus there's nothing for them to do, e.g., charge/loot one's estate while using you as an unwitting trustee?

I'm inclined to think what causes problems in general is making claims in the most general sense, and not just demands for performance such as those presented to us, e.g., "that's mine", "that's me", instead of asking questions. Even asserting something seemingly innocuous or disavowing something may be an invitation to be messed with, or establishes a nexus, if you will, between you and whomever is messing with you.

Another consideration is that using their b.c. name in and of itself is not causing one problems, but rather how one is using it.

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