The Four Organic Laws of The United States of America

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United States territory as you see it on a daily basis

Here we will discuss where United States and States of United States have territorial jurisdiction to compel obedience to "federal" or "state" law.
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United States territory as you see it on a daily basis

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A major point one comes to realize from a study of the Organic Laws is that, contrary to popular belief, there are two distinct jurisdictions at work on American soil: The United States of America vs. United States.

They coexist in parallel and are composed of two groups of non-overlapping geographical areas:
  • firstly, the unwritten English common law retaining on the free land of the perpetual Union for the people thereon, and
  • secondly, legislated procedural law enacted for the Confederacy-owned territory and its “subject to” settlers and inhabitants.
I thought it would help to describe these land areas visually in terms we can relate to from what we see in our daily lives.

For example:

Town of Manchester, i.e., State of Connecticut [“of” = derived, arising from?], i.e., United States is: Verplanck Elementary or another public (read: gov’t operated) school your child may have the misfortune of attending, the Manchester Town Hall & Probate Court buildings, Wickham Park and the other public parks, Hartford Correctional facility near I-91 and other prisons, Hartford Public Library and the adjacent federal court house, State legislature building with the gold dome, Dept. of Motor Vehicle & other State gov’t buildings, the parking lots where the State Dept. of Transportation stores the winter snow plow trucks, the water reservoirs and treatment plants, Dinosaur State Park & the other State parks, Connecticut Valley Hospital & other State mental hospitals, U.S. Naval Submarine Base New London down by the shore at Groton, etc.–you get the idea.


Manchester, i.e., Connecticut, i.e., The United States of America is: your land where your house is, the land, houses & apartment buildings where your friends & neighbors live at/upon, the buildings (and often land) where the stores & other privately-owned businesses you patron are–in short, all territory that is NOT owned by or otherwise a proprietary interest of The United States of America, and therefore under the jurisdiction of a union named “United States”, comprised of bodies politic and corporate, acting as a government for said territory.

We should keep in mind the terms “United States” and its myriad of member entities can each be simultaneously both (a) the name of a place you can be at and (b) the name of an organization, whereas words like “Manchester”, “Connecticut”, and the phrase “The United States of America” are the names of places and perhaps, politically speaking, the people thereon.

For example: you step out of Center Congregational Church located at 11 Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut, The United States of America, and walk next door into the Manchester Town Hall building at 41 Center St., Manchester, CT 06040-5090 to pay a property tax bill. Though you are now standing on United States territory your check will probably be made payable to “TOWN OF MANCHESTER”–clearly a commercial entity, not the United States territory by the same name. In the same way, when the caption of a court case reads “STATE OF CONNECTICUT vs. JOE BLOW”, the plaintiff is a commercial enterprise, not the 5,544 square mile patch of land where people live known as Connecticut, and not the Hartford Superior Court building that’s United States territory under the local-sounding alias, “State of Connecticut”. In short, as far as names of places are concerned, “State of Connecticut” and “Town of Manchester” are United States territory (gov’t “property”) within the exterior borders of Manchester and Connecticut, respectively.

Most Americans live on the free land of The United States of America, while relatively few live on United States, e.g., Washington D.C., military bases, Puerto Rico, and the like.

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