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Ranchers vs BLM & Forest Service

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Ranchers vs BLM & Forest Service

#1 Postby Logos » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:58 pm

A study of the Organic Laws reveals the real issue here, and who is likely in the right.
My Youtube post copied here:

@1:55 "These federal people don't have any right to be here if you follow this [Constitution]. If Utah is not a territory then Utah owns this land."

Unlike the first 13 sovereign States of the perpetual Union, the Confederacy styled The United States of America, Utah and the remaining States began as territory owned by said Confederacy; they owned it just as you and Walmart can own land. The territory is governed by the Confederacy's asset service provider and glorified property management company, acting as a government, known as "United States". Thus these lands are United States territory. Over time, some +2 million land patents have been signed by the President granting away forever parcels of U.S. territory to anyone who'd pay the fees. That BLM is stomping around those "public" lands the ranchers are grazing on means in all likelihood those lands have not been sold/granted away, thus United States retains territorial jurisdiction over those parcels. BLM would know this as it is their job to maintain land patent records. When the Utah territory joined the perpetual Union, The United States of America didn't relinquish ownership of the remaining territory it owned within the exterior boundaries of Utah. It would have had to cede parcels of U.S. territory to Utah for Utah to own them, in the same way it would have had to cede them to someone at some point (via land patent) for someone to own them now.

@2:30 "Either they're trespassing or we're trespassing."

Now we're getting somewhere. If BLM is mistaken and any land in question is covered by a land patent, then the Confederacy, via United States, may be committing fraud by charging people to use land it no longer owns. Unfortunately, the more likely scenario is that the lands in question aren't covered by land patents, in which case the ranchers are trespassing if they haven't secured permission from U.S. authorities to graze there. In this case, BLM and related U.S. authorities are abiding by the Constitution.

Only part of America's legal history is taught in the government schools. If one is to understand what's going on one must start at the beginning with the 1st Organic Law, the Declaration of Independence, as opposed to beginning one's studies in the middle with the 4th and final Organic Law, the ratified but unadopted Constitution.

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