"We The People"

Knowing how words and terms are defined and used is critical to comprehending the meaning of the various "laws" of United States and States of United States.
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"We The People"

Post by iamfreeru2 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:38 am


We the People of the preamble to the Constitution, who are they?

Are they the People (electors) in the United States (Northwest Territory) that created the United States Constitution (written law) as the law of the land (federal territory)?

Why is it People in the Preamble and Article 2.2.1 everywhere else in the Constitution it is people?

Who are the People of the "several States"?

To which "several States" is Article 2.2.1 referring, the several States of the Confederacy under the Articles of Confederation or the several States of the United States (Northwest Territory) under the Constitution?
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