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Define Property, Territory, Posession, Area

Knowing how words and terms are defined and used is critical to comprehending the meaning of the various "laws" of United States and States of United States.
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Define Property, Territory, Posession, Area

#1 Postby Logos » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:53 pm

"Property" is an oft-misused term, pressed into service to mean "land", "buildings", and generally, a fancy word for one's "stuff". This is encouraged by the PowersThatBe, much to our perceptual detriment. The Black's definition clearly shows that "property", in the legal sense, is not a "thing"--tangible or not--but rather certain abstract aspects concocted by the human mind in relation to the thing, e.g., one's "interests" in the thing being one such aspect. This is a subset and specific application of the general meaning of the word "property", that being an attribute/aspect of something.

Wikipedia, interestingly, has this to say about land vs. property in its entry on land patents:
Because most people become familiar with land rights only when they acquire real estate either by inheritance or through the process of a purchase contract, they never learn the difference between land and the property appurtenant to it. Accordingly, their familiarity with land law remains virtually non-existent; and, they only become accustomed to State statutory regulations relative to the property appurtenant to the land, that is to say: property taxing, zoning and building codes, etc.

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